Other Business Services

Payroll Direct Deposit

When it comes to payroll processing, we can save your company money and time.

Electronic Funds Transfer services simplify your payroll procedure by automatically depositing your employees’ wages directly into their bank accounts at the bank of their choice.

Simply provide us with a National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) file (or create one using our Online Cash Management system). The payroll data is then forwarded through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) by Bank of Stockton to your employees’ banks. Your employees need to pre-authorize these automatic payroll entries to their bank accounts.

Direct Deposit is entirely automatic and electronic; it saves your business the time
and expense of writing and reconciling paper checks.

Benefits to Your Business:

  • Eliminates the time and expense your company spends preparing and reconciling checks
  • Eliminates the work time lost when employees step out to cash or deposit their paychecks
  • Reduces the cost of check and payroll forms
  • Prevents lost or stolen checks

Benefits to Your Employees:

  • With Direct Payroll Deposit to your employees’ accounts, each employee can receive no-service charge checking at Bank of Stockton
  • Employees have access to their funds the morning of payday, without any time lag or trip to the bank
  • In an interest-bearing account, their funds begin to earn interest sooner
  • Employees don’t worry about lost or late paychecks
  • Employees still receive a detailed payroll stub every payday
  • Employees will never need to spend their valuable time – or yours – cashing or depositing paychecks

Each business must qualify for the credit required to be an ACH originator.

Payroll Preparation

Each payroll processing company offers payroll preparation services that give you timely, accurate payroll records, including:

  • Check reconciliation summaries
  • A year-to-date summary of all activity
  • Analysis of employee hours, earnings, taxes, and deductions 

You can input and access your payroll by phone, computer or by hand and let them handle the rest. Within 24 hours, the following reports can be at your fingertips:

  • Tax Reports: They will prepare and file your quarterly tax returns, provide reports on tax deposits to state and federal agencies, and handle all inquiries from tax agencies
  • Unemployment Compensation Reports: They can manage your entire unemployment compensation program, including claims and correspondence with state agencies
  • Management Reports: You can request job-cost analysis, wage and salary analysis and all record keeping and reporting for government agencies, unions, and insurance companies

Personnel Reporting System

Each payroll processing company can link a personnel reporting system to your payroll system and transform the daily tedium of payroll administration into customized management reports that give you information you can use to improve profits.

Reports include:

  • Salary history information so you can establish uniform policies
  • EEO reports so you can confirm compliance
  • Benefits, hiring, and termination reports to help you verify employee eligibility
  • Action flag reports to alert you to upcoming reviews
  • Projected retirement and retirement plan vesting reports
  • Activity-specific reports on such topics as benefits administration and security clearance

Online Banking and Bill Pay for Businesses


  • Save time and money by conducting your banking from your place of business or mobile phone
  • Improves cash flow
  • Enhances efficiency by helping you to organize, track and control your finances 24 hours a day from your computer or mobile phone


  • Balance Reporting
  • Stop Payments
  • Internal Funds Transfers
  • Domestic Wire Transfers
  • ACH (Domestic Only)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Real Time Mobile Alerts, including ACH and Wire Transfer alerts for your protection

Now you can connect to your accounts online from your home, office or mobile phone, making banking easier than ever.

With Online Banking, all these services are available free of charge:

  • Check balances and activity on any of your checking, savings, CD, IRA or loan accounts
  • Transfer funds between any accounts which have been set up to allow transfers
  • See and print your current or previous bank statements
  • View transactions within a range of dates
  • Place stop payment requests and inquire into any currently outstanding stop payment requests
  • Download transactions into most personal financial management software packages
  • View and print copies of cleared checks
  • View and print copies of deposited items

With the addition of Bill Pay, you can:

  • Pay your bills without writing checks, buying stamps or stuffing envelopes
  • Schedule current or future payments to any payee you desire, be it a large national company or to your next door neighbor
  • Schedule recurring payments to any payee you desire
  • View & print history of payments made by date and/or by vendor
  • Download Bill Pay information directly into most personal financial management software packages.